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Midnight Obsession by J.L. Kenna

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Is she an angel who’s pulled me from the darkest corners of my mind? Or my unwanted obsession?

I’ve been tormented by Pippa Latham my entire life.

When we were young, her compliant disposition made me want to crack her open to see who was really inside. And being younger than me made her a natural pest.

But as she matured, so did my hunger to see her fall apart.

I’ve watched her. Protected her in more ways than she’d ever realize. In return, she’s kept my thoughts from straying to the vile recesses of my memories. I was content keeping my distance until she moved to Paris for an internship.

Five years passed, showing me I was nothing more than an adolescent crush. And now, she’s back and as beautiful as ever—a woman in red heels standing where a ghost once stood. But with time and distance infused in me the poison of betrayal and I want nothing more than to stay far away from her. Yet, unfortunate circumstances have made her my new assistant.

We both have secrets and a darkness inside that only each other understands. And I would be lying if I said she didn’t tempt that darkness more than anyone had.

My palm itches to inflict the consequences she craves. My mind vibrates to learn all of her deepest thoughts. My heart aches to feel her near. And if the past has taught me anything, it’s that I cannot stay away from her.

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