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Instant Replay by Sheila Fowler

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High School Sweethearts find each other after 10 years apart and plenty of secrets.

Donna is the first female trainer for the Miami Dolphins. She has worked her way up the organization because of her love of the game and the team. The team has been great for her over the years. Even helping her get her degree, so she can work full time with the team. She needs the job more than anything. Not only to afford to live, but to take care of her ailing father and 9-year-old daughter.

Lucas has been the best QB wherever he goes. It started in High School where he met and fell in love with Donna. She was his everything. Except they had different career goals. He wanted to go to Michigan for school. She wanted to stay in Miami for school and to stay close to her parents. Instead of fighting further, they decide to break up.

Lucas doesn’t know about their daughter. That is until he shows back up in Miami as the Dolphins’ new QB. Donna can’t believe he’s back: he barely talked to her after he left. Except for the occasional text saying Happy Birthday or Merry Christmas. He never came back home after her mother died. He never called. And now that he’s back, does she tell him the truth about what happened 10 years ago. Their daughter, Katie.

First book in the Miami Sports Romance series.

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