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Edge by Amy Davies

Edge by Amy Davies, Amy Davies author, Lewis Winyard model

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Being the Sergeant at Arms of the Rugged Skulls MC, my job is to be on guard, always. Making sure my club, my people, my brothers are safe is what I live for, and that included taking in my nephew when my brother messed up. My priority is, and has to be, making sure those who are important are safe and happy, which meant having to let the one woman who owns my heart go so she could live her life. But now, she is coming home and she WILL know what it is like to be owned by me, when I officially call dibs.

My time living it up at College, far away from home has come to an end and that means I’m back. Stepping back into my old life, running the family business with my father and brother is how it was always meant to go. My one problem is that there is a certain biker who wants me as his. I have to keep my wits about me because I know I will fall hard and heavy for him if I give in. He hurt me once, and he can easily do it again if I let him, but I’m not a naïve little girl anymore. I can and WILL be the one who grabs him by the balls and keeps him on his toes. Bring on the challenge.

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