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Power Play by Michelle Iannarelli

Power Play by Michelle Iannarelli, Michelle Iannarelli romance author, Randy Richards model

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Christiano was born into a family of power, deceit and crime. He made a promise to his dying mother that he would never follow in the footsteps of his evil father. However, once his fiancée became collateral damage because of him, he spiraled out of control…vowing to take down the person responsible.

Arianna had no idea what she was getting into when she forced herself on Christiano. She had her own agenda…but nowhere on it did it include falling in love with Christiano. She knew what his father was capable of and it sickened her knowing that Christiano had the same blood running through his veins.

Christiano had become a cold angry man. He lost sight of who he once had been until he met Arianna. She made him feel alive again.

Can Arianna come to terms with who Christiano is and melt his icy heart or will she flirt with danger and end up becoming one of his victims?

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