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Rogue Suit by Crystal Perkins

Rogue Suit by Crystal Perkins, Crystal Perkins romance author, Ashley Gibson model

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I’ve run this office effortlessly for five years, just waiting for my boss to retire and recommend me for his job. Now, the time has come, but my future is no longer guaranteed. All because of him.

Royce Shaw. A pretentious name for a rule-breaking jerk. He’s here to challenge me for the job that should be mine, yet he treats it like a joke. No tie, no regard for appointments, and no idea that I want him as much as I want to hate him.

What’s a guy to do when an injury ends his basketball career early? If you’re me, you fall back on the business degree your father insisted on. I don’t want this job he’s pulled strings to give me a chance at. At least, not until I meet her.

Annika Moore is buttoned up, stuck-up, and definitely not my type. She glares at my clothes, ignores my suggestions, and keeps me in a constant state of arousal every single minute of the work day.

Fighting for the job means one of us will have to lose, but we might just win at love once all is said and done.

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