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Beautiful Harmony by Elizabeth Kelly

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Is love a game they can win?

Small-town life isn’t easy for Emma Richardson.

Not when her birthmark has made her a target her entire life. Which makes selling her yarn shop and escaping to a big city the perfect decision.

Until Lucas Wright moves to Harmony Falls and into her life.

He’s funny, handsome, charming… and his reputation with women is no secret. But Emma wants friendship, not flirting.

Except Lucas is much more than just a pretty face.

As their friendship grows, her feelings turn toward the forbidden. But why would Lucas want her when the town’s women fall at his feet?

And why can’t she stop picturing him in her bed?

To Lucas, Emma is the entire package – beauty, brains, and the innate ability to call him out on his bullshit.

As a friend, Lucas tries hard to ignore his attraction. Until he realizes that underneath Emma’s iron control burns the same fire for him.

Giving in to their mutual desire is easy. Learning to trust their hearts is the challenge.

Author’s Note: “Beautiful Harmony” is Book Five in The Harmony Falls Series. It is a stand-alone story in the series.

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