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Siblings License 40th Book Cover!

I cannot believe how fast time flies! It feels like just yesterday I purchased my first camera (a Nikon D5000) and I was learning how to use it. And how did I learn/who did I practice on you may ask… with my sister Alli.

All these years later we have hit a milestone of having licensed 40 book covers with one another. Thank you so much to all the incredible authors/models/designers who have collaborated with us on these projects. It means everything. <3

CJC: How does it feel like to license your 40th book cover?

AT: It is amazing! When I got my first cover I never imagined where we would be this many years later, but I am so thankful. It has been a fun ride!

CJC: Over the years is there a favorite photo shoot that comes to mind and why?

AT: Chris and I have been lucky to take some awesome vacations together over the years where we have shot including Hawaii, and the Bahamas. But I think I would have to say London was my favorite place to shoot. It was so beautiful and elegant!

CJC: I 100% agree, London! The architecture was beautiful.

CJC: What do you enjoy the most about modeling and what do you find to be the most challenging?

AT: I always think photo shoots are fun because I get to play a character and I am also basically just hanging out with my brother, so it is always a good time. And my favorite part is seeing the final product. It is so cool to see how our vision comes to life. I used to find it challenging to shoot in public places when there were a lot of people around, but honestly, I have gotten to a point where I do not care anymore!

CJC: We’ve shot in a variety of locations/destinations, is there anything we have not done that you would love to try?

AT: I really want to shoot in a big field of flowers!

CJC: I knew you were going to say that haha. I think it could be so pretty with a flowy dress or maybe some flowers in your hair. Maybe this Summer we can make it happen. 😊

CJC: Who/what do you draw inspiration from during a photo shoot?

AT: Really depends on what we are shooting for. I like to know what the book is about so I can understand the character and the emotions I should be expressing in the images.

CJC: What is something most people do not know about you?

AT: I have dual citizenship – US and Portugal 🙂

CJC: Are there any final thoughts you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?

AT: I just want to say thank you to all the authors who I have worked with over the years. I am so honored to be on the cover of your beautiful stories. And thanks to all the readers and models I have met, it is always so fun getting to work with and meet new people 🙂

See all my latest work with Alli here and do not forget to check her out on Instagram as well.

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