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The Devil’s Redemption by Murphy Wallace

CJC: For those that read “The Devil’s Weakness” what can they expect with “The Devil’s Redemption?”

MW: This book will be a few levels darker (many trigger warnings). But readers will see the relationship between Blade and Sasha progress. They will get a front row seat to Sasha’s “induction” into the Devil’s Skull MC. They will bear witness to the worst and darkest moment of her life, but they will also get to see what a true badass she is.

CJC: Without giving too much away, did you have a favorite scene to write and why?

MW: This is a hard question, as I have a few. But one of my favorites (without giving too much away) is toward the end, when Sasha finally begins to feel like she’s been accepted into the “family.”

CJC: The blurb opens with Strong. Fierce. Unshakeable. (Three things I’ve always strived to be).
What are three things you are striving for in 2022?

MW: To plan my time better, haha!. I have a lot planned for 2022 (including more from the Devil’s Skull MC) and I won’t be able to accomplish all of it without a solid plan.

CJC: What projects/events can readers expect from you next year?

MW: Three anthology stories. A Phantom of the Opera retelling based on a twisted legend. More from the Devil’s Skull MC, as well as a secret project that will end up as an MC crossover.

CJC: “The Devil’s Redemption” is now available to purchase here!

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