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What camera is the right fit for you?

What camera is the right fit for you?

Being able to determine your needs will help you realize
what kind of camera you should purchase. Nikon, Canon there are just so many
different brands and unless you can pinpoint what you want to get out of your camera
then you might make the wrong choice.

Recently, I decided that I wanted a new point and shoot camera. My current
camera created too much camera shake and the end resulting photos would turn
out blurry. Therefore, going into my search process I already knew that my
primary objective was a camera that would take amazing photos in focus with
limited camera shake.

The attached link is of the Canon Power Shot ELPH 500 HS 12.1 that I purchased
from Best Buy. Some of its major features include:

  • High resolution
  • Face detection
  • Movie mode
  • Self – timer
  • Touch screen

Happy shopping everyone!

– CJC Photography

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