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Thanatos Craving by Vera Foxx

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Thanatos has been called many names over the centuries. Most recently, humans call him the Grim Reaper.

He’s made of nothing but bone and robes, his scythe his only companion as he rules over his reapers.

Thanatos emotions have dimmed, he’s become as hollow as the marrow that should fill his bones and he prefers it that way. He doesn’t get attached, he doesn’t love or find joy in what he does.

Until one day, when the Queen of the Underworld has a special mission for him–to let a human live instead of what Fate had planned for her. The request brings anger that he hasn’t felt in years.

The queen wanted this human to live.

No one asks the Reaper for a soul to live.

Thanatos eventually found the woman in the back alley, her life force flickering. He was ready to take her soul, despite the Queen’s begging. Thanatos would guide this human soul to a place of eternal rest, escaping the hardships it had endured over the years. Except when he found her near lifeless body and saw the glimmer of hope in those clover-colored eyes—

He decided he wanted her all to himself. He wanted to confine her in the eerie depths of the Underworld, where darkness enveloped every corner, denying her both life and death and be with him as his companion. Forever.

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