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Love & Vengeance by J.A. Owenby

Love and Vengeance by J.A. Owenby, J.A. Owenby romance author, CJC Photography book cover photographer

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I’ve been touched by darkness.

So I know the light when I see it.

My light is a man who’s strong and loving …

yet he’s wrestling with his own haunted past.

He’s kneeling at my feet, asking me to marry him.

Hendrix is everything I’ve ever wanted and everything I thought I didn’t deserve.

My cake has been ordered.

My wedding dress is ready.

But that darkness of my past is back once more.

I’d never let anything happen to ruin our special day,

then a letter finds its way to me.

A letter written behind prison cell walls.

Its promise: to shatter my world.

Three days before my wedding, he’s striding through the gates of prison …

Vowing he loves me more than ever before.

Can I hold on when my entire life starts to crumble?

Will love be enough when I stand before evil himself?

Love & Vengeance is a dark, gritty, and emotional new adult novel. It’s recommended for readers who enjoy darker romance. May contain triggers for some readers.

** While you don’t need to read the Love & Ruin series to enjoy this book, it is highly recommended.

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