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The Redemption by Alexia Chase

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When the lines blur, can they fight their attraction?


Hot cover model. The one everyone lusts after. The one that makes both women and men drool. That’s me.

Except that doesn’t apply to him. The one taking my photographs. Seductive pose after seductive pose, and he doesn’t blink an eye.

Why? Minor issue. He doesn’t swing my way, and I’ve dealt with enough rejection in my life.


I want him. How could I not? Max is stunning. I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. But I can’t afford to take what I want. I’m raising two kids and trying to survive the aftermath of my ex-wife–another model.

I need someone serious in my life. And that’s not Max–he’ll never settle down. Plus, he’s not into me. Or men. Or whatever.

Never mind. It doesn’t matter. Coming out is not an option.

Except, the more time I spend with him, the more the lines blur. And suddenly, our photo sessions become fire, the kind that could ignite a forest fire in a hurricane.

But my baggage will destroy anything in its path.

The Redemption is a standalone male/male, opposites attract, steamy contemporary romance set in the Alexia Chase’s Sinfully Addictive World.

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