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Brazen by Avery Samson

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She was a phoenix rising from the ashes.

I was drawn to her in a way I had never felt before.

And then she shot me.

What type of woman chooses to reenact every right of passage in this small town? This woman, that’s who. I might as well. It’s not like I’m getting any younger. Besides, I never got around to any of this in high school. I’m past due. I just didn’t plan on becoming the gorgeous, new sheriff deputy’s main focus. Turns out being chased by the sheriff is exhilarating.

Eliot Caraway is going to be the death of me. She’s mischievous and reckless. She’s also the most beautiful and brilliant woman I’ve ever crossed paths with. I don’t know why she’s on this destructive path, but she’s dragging me along for the ride. If I can’t get to the bottom of this soon, we may both wind up paying the price.

I’d just really like to give her something else to focus on before it goes that far.

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