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Dad Attitude by Kathryn M. Hearst

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It was kismet until our kids met.


Starting over in my forties was never part of the plan.

Raising a teen and running a catering company keeps me busy…too busy for dating.
But my daughter begs to differ.

When Kayla goes behind my back and sets up an online dating profile, I’m upset. But when she accepts a dinner invitation on my behalf, I’m livid…until I realize I know the man.

Okay, I’m still furious, and she’s definitely grounded for life, but how can I stand a guy up, when I have to see him on a regular basis?

Sucking it up, and meeting Dane turns out to be the best decision I’ve ever made, until Kayla has other ideas.

My son comes first. Always.

I gave up pro-surfing to raise Ezra. He’s my world.
But lately, my world feels a little small.

When my friends dared me to sign up for an online dating site, I thought it’d be a waste of time. That is, until I found Natalie’s profile.

Dating her is easy and fun and everything I never knew I wanted, until our kids launch an all-out campaign to break us up.
Can our relationship survive their meddling, or will we wipe out?

Dad Attitude is a full-length over-forty romance loaded with parenting mishaps, teenaged practical jokers, shocking developments, and a HEA guaranteed to leave you smiling.

This is book 2 in the Single Dads Gone Wild Series. Each one can be read as a standalone.

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