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Absolute Harmony by Elizabeth Kelly

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Finding love after loss.

Widow Savina Ras is ready to love again.

Too bad Harmony Falls has a serious lack of older men interested in long-term commitment.

To make matters worse, she has an inappropriate crush on her late husband’s best friend, vet tech Hal McGinnis. Hal is kind, sexy, and her closest friend.

At least, he used to be.

He’s avoided her for a year, and Savina needs to move on. Then one unexpected steamy encounter with Hal changes everything.

Hal’s playing with fire and avoiding Savina in their small town proves nearly impossible.

But it’s for the best.

Until Savina finds herself in a dicey situation, and Hal has to intervene. Their mutual attraction soon burns out of control, and once Hal has tasted Savina’s sweetness on his lips, he can’t walk away.

But for Hal, old guilt and regret are a heavy burden. Will their love be enough to bury that guilt for good?

Author’s note: Absolute Harmony is a standalone novella in the Harmony Falls series.

Please note this story contains steamy scenes that may not be your cup of tea.

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