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CJC’s Author Chat #4

What’s the most challenging part of being an author? And what do you do to try and overcome those challenges?

Stephanie Dillon

Right now getting my name out and trying to sign up for author events. There are several things I don’t have yet. Like a logo or a tiktok account or a website. I’m trying to figure all that out and still write.

Cate C. Wells

I’ll bite. Avoiding burnout. Right now, I’m trying to avert disaster by writing something fun that no one expects or is asking for. 🙂

Lindsay Murray

hands down, it’s marketing. You have to become a marketing agency if you’re going to sell your book. Staying up to date on trends, making sure you avoid scams, budgeting for promos, etc. I could write all day but I’d never sell a single book if I don’t market it.

Jenn D. Young

Marketing!!! That and just getting started and silencing the distractions.

K.A. Finn

Marketing! I’d much prefer to be writing than dealing with that. I have to force myself to dedicate a few hours each week to it but it needs to be done.😬🙄😆

Aria Wyatt

Marketing and self doubt.

Breanna Lynn

Being introverted and constantly overthinking EVERYTHING.

Jennifer J Williams

Accidentally reading reviews and second-guessing your book that comes out tomorrow.

Helen Bright

Marketing and burnout. I think I’m just getting out of the latter.

Emily Gray

Balance. All I can do it make a ton of lists and check in with my closest people because I know they’ll tell me everything will work out.

Dove Cavanaugh King

Trying to balance my 9-5, my family, my writing, the marketing, the groceries, the laundry, emails from the school, sleep, and every other little thing that pops up throws a spanner in the works!!

Angela Rush

Marketing and using technology to your advantage. If all I had to focus on was writing it would be the perfect job!

I took a photoshop course from the awesome Regina Wamba which has helped, but it’s still a lot to learn.

Ren Alexander

Believing I’m not good enough and no one reads my books. It’s gotten to be so bad that I’ve been on a two-year hiatus because of it. 😣

Lori Sanders Foley

I am in the marketing/publicity corner. Writing is something I am compelled to do. However the business end of the craft does not come naturally. That ineptitude leads to anxiety, as Aria points out.

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