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CJC’s Author Chat #2

Do you have any tips/tricks to overcome writer’s block?

Kimberly Kincaid

Do anything other than try to write. Go for a run. Bake cookies. Pet your dog. Take a shower (I have the best ideas in places where I can’t write them down!) ❤ If none of those things work, I talk through my block with author friends. They usually see what I don’t!

Shelley Smith

I rearrange my space or just walk away and clean in the house. I do something that gets me up and moving. After a while my mind usually comes up with something to write.

Kimberly Ann

I listen to music. I find I get the best inspiration for scene/book ideas from songs.

Ginger Lee

I write poetry when I have a block. I try to write in a similar mood as the wip I’m blocked on.

Janet Berry

I go back to the beginning of the most recent chapter and read through it and see what isn’t working in the story. Most of the time my problem will stem from the chapter not working or not flowing the way I need it to, so I go back, read it over, and then often time I’ll start the chapter over and rewrite it. I actually just recently did this and it’s helped me a lot.

If I’m stuck on a new chapter, I’ll go reread the older chapter and then go from there.

Stephanie Dillon

Sometimes I start to reread what I’m writing from the beginning. It gives me a refresher and helps boost my ideas.

K.A. Finn

I’ve got a few books on the go at the same time. If I hit a block with one I move on to another book and come back to it later. With two kids and limited free time I can’t afford to waste any of it staring at the screen. Works really well for me 😁

Kaye Kennedy

Take a break from your WIP to write a short story that’s a passion project or even a response to a writing prompt found online. This will remove the pressure of “I have to get this done or my business will fail and readers will hate me.” Plus, it’ll give you a confidence boost that you can finish something.

Teri Lee Osborn

Yes, I got back and fix what’s wrong with what I’ve already written. Or bake, or weirdly take a hot shower.

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