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His Temptation by Jaclyn Osborn

His Temptation by Jaclyn Osborn, Jaclyn Osborn romance author

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Falling for your best friend’s dad is a really bad idea.

But I can’t think rationally when it comes to Emery Cross. Ever since the night he kissed me, he’s all I think about. He makes my head spin in the best way, and for once, I feel like I’m where I’m meant to be. My best friend would kill me, though, if he found out.

Why did I have to fall for my son’s best friend?

Cason is everything I should avoid. Sure, he makes me laugh, and when I’m around him, I forget about the things weighing me down. But it could never work between us. It doesn’t matter that he feels the same, that he’s persistent. Some lines should never be crossed.

*This is Book 1 in the Unexpected Love series from Jaclyn Osborn! Low-angst and a HEA guaranteed*

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