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Dangerous Passion by Lisa B. Kamps

Dangerous Passion by Lisa B. Kamps, BT Urruela, CJC Photography, Boston photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer

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When passion proves dangerous….

Curator Shelby Martin’s life is as dry, dull, and dusty as the artifacts with which she works. But when she accepts an adventurous dare posed by her friends, Shelby finds more than one night of unforgettable passion.

No-nonsense Vice cop Josh Nichols has seen his fair share of the seedier side of Baltimore. Drawn to Shelby immediately, Josh can’t resist the attraction he feels for the quirky, yet sexy, woman coming on to him in the bar. And when she bails without leaving her number after a night of hot sex, he’s reeling with desire to see her again.

But suddenly, when Shelby and Josh are thrown together to solve a crime at Shelby’s museum, neither can trust the other. Josh sees Shelby in a different light. The carefree and courageous sex goddess from their one night together is nothing like the reserved introvert standing before him. Determined to understand the intriguing woman, he vows to solve the mystery behind the museum and the secrecy behind the woman. As suspicion riddles them with doubt and misconceptions, they struggle to find common ground. After all, they can’t possibly build a future on one night of passion–passion that just might tear them apart.

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