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Black Jack by MJ Nightingale

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Dawn Sassacus wants to help her family even if it means looking for trouble at the casino as a dealer on the floor. No one steals from her people and gets away with it. No one. Especially not a smoldering hazel eyed con-man who counts cards. Even if he makes her body burn.

Jackson Black is a working man. Using several aliases, he conducts his business across the country undetected until one young, bookish black jack dealer threatens his game. And he knows he’s the best game in town. But looking at her, he knows she is a game he would like to play. With his cover in jeopardy, he needs to do something drastic. With single minded focus, Jackson sets his sights on pleasantly distracting the woman with the cherry lips, and sexy smile.

Dawn knows she’s in deep. Deep trouble and love. Her gut tells her to trust Jack even though she still can’t figure him out. He’s hiding something from her. She knows it. Should she risk her heart? Can she play his game, or will she find out that Jack’s heart is as black as his name?

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