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Redeeming Slater by Shandi Boyes

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My heart drummed a worthy rock ballad when my eyes landed on Kylie in a dusty lot of an old bar hundreds of miles from my hometown. We couldn’t have been more opposite if we tried, but melded together like Mac n Cheese. She was the sweet to my sour; the rock to my roll, and the lyrics to my ballad… until she vanished without a trace.

Now she’s back, touring with my bandmates and me.

I should hate her for leaving without saying goodbye, for the mess she left my life in, but no matter how often I tell my body she’s the enemy, he never listens. She’s the one thing I loved more than music, but it will take more than a heartfelt serenade to crack through the wall her betrayal built around my heart. I’m not the man she once knew, and I plan to show her that the hard way.

Redeeming Slater is a second chance romance that will inspire you to look past the blurred lines of infamy. It has sexy scenes and a devoted story about finding love through forgiveness. It is part of the Perception Series, but can be read as a standalone, although some spoilers may occur.


For TWs please visit the author’s website.

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