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Fitness Model Spotlight: Josh Pence

josh3Fitness Model Spotlight: Josh Pence

My name is Josh Pence, I live in Dayton, Ohio and I manage a gym in the area called Premier Fitness, which is my home training gym. You can reach me at: www.instagram.com/jpence_fitness; www.facebook.com/npccompetitorjoshpence

1) What first got you interested in fitness and how has your passion grown?
I started working out about 3 years ago, weighing about 140 pounds. What got me interested in fitness was looking in magazines and seeing all of these athletes looking amazing and I wanted to be that. My passion has grown greatly by training not only being a hobby but now becoming a lifestyle. I’ve turned it in to competing in men’s physique.

2) What hurdles have you overcome while reaching towards your fitness goals?
Honestly the biggest hurdles would be balancing everything while dieting and training. I’ve only been competing for about 6 months so I’m still in the swing of getting it all worked out.

3) For those looking to get in better shape, what tips would you give them?

Stay very consistent with your diet, cardio and workout routine. Make sure to plan out your meals so you can see what you need to eat daily.

4) Any specific pre-competition rituals?
I haven’t made any yet.

5) Favorite motto?
Eat clean, Train Dirty.

6) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

7) Tell me something that most people don’t know about you?
I’m a nerd at heart. I’d rather play Xbox and sit at home then go out and party. Even on my “off-season”

8) Who inspires you in the fitness industry?

Austin Standage

9) What can’t you live without?

10) Goals for 2013?
Compete in nationals.
11) Any final thoughts you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?
Just want to say thank you to Chris for the chance for this interview and thank you to everyone who read this.

I want to wish Josh the best of luck in his upcoming fitness competition!!!

– CJC Photography

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