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Because He’s Perfect Anthology!

I’m excited to announce that the Because He’s Perfect anthology is now LIVE! A special thank you to Anna Edwards for selecting Sean Brady and I for this project.
Read on to learn about how this project came to be and where you can get your copy.
CJC: How did the formulation of this anthology project come about?
AE: On 27th April 2018, my husband was diagnosed with Type One diabetes. It’s very late in life to get Type One, as it’s more common for children. He ended up in hospital while his sugars were stabilized and his life has changed dramatically – he loves chocolate! My son also has hyper-mobilty and is on the autism spectrum. The idea for the anthology came to me while watching them both playing one day. They’re both perfect to me despite the issues they face on a daily basis.
CJC: What made you select the Movember foundation as the charity where all proceeds would be donated?
AE: Movember is a charity I know of from the mustaches every November and the work they do with mental health. I put Movember along with other charities to the group of authors involved in the project and they voted to choose Movember.
CJC: What is the theme of the stories included in the anthology and specifically what is yours about?
AE: All of the stories in the anthology involve heroes who have an issue or impairment. This can range from being blind, to having cancer or even OCD. The stories show how the men deal with their problems but still remain perfect for the women in their life. My story is about a man with diabetes and how one simple mistake he makes in keeping it a secret nearly costs him the woman he loves.
CJC: How were authors selected to join this project? 
AE: The initial authors involved were people I know and respect as writers but as word of the project got out, many other authors asked to be involved, because they knew of a man who’d suffered in some way and wanted to get a story out for him. It was amazing to see the excitement, it’s good for the readers as well as the book which has ended up at 828 pages long!
Carrie Ann Ryan is an author I’ve respected for a long time and I knew she’d recently suffered through losing her husband. I asked my friend Charity Hendry, who assists Carrie Ann, if she thought Carrie would write a foreword for me. A few hours later, we had an exceptional, emotional piece of writing and Charity and I were sobbing on the phone to each other while reading it.
The full list of authors who wrote stories for the anthology are: Alice La Roux, Ally Vance, Anna Blakely, Anna Edwards, Claire Marta, Danielle Dickson, Dani René, Elle Boon, Jo-Anne Joseph, K A Sands, K.L. Humphreys, Lexi C Foss, Lexxie Couper, Maria Macdonald, Morgan Campbell, Murphy Wallace, Renee Harless, Samantha Lewis, Tracie Delaney, and Victoria L. James.
CJC: Where can readers purchase a copy of “Because He’s Perfect”?
AE: It’s available on all platforms – ($0.99 until the 14th May and then $4.99)
100% of proceeds to me will go to Movember.

Front Cover – Sean Brady by CJC Photography; Back Cover – Christopher John by David Wills

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