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How to Turn Clients Into Referral Machines

1)      Be an expert. – Determine what clients need and tell them. Clients will appreciate your guidance because it’s part of what they’re paying for.

2)      Be a designer. – Help your client place their frames in the most optimal places.

3)      Lead, Don’t follow. – Learn about your clients, their personalities, interests, styles, turn – offs. Your clients will appreciate your genuine interest in fulfilling their unique desires and value your recommendations.

4)      No profiling allowed. Don’t pre-judge your client. Affirm that every client wants and deserves the best you have to offer.

5)      Discover what the client really wants. – They want to see the personality of their loved ones in a portrait. Reassure them with options you feel will best fit their needs.

Have any additional tips on how to turn clients into referral machines? I’d love to hear them! 

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