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6 Tips to Sell Your Photography

 6 Tips to Sell Your Photography

1)Determine Your Goals (short and long term) 
   Post them somewhere you will always see it.
Think big, but start small.

2) Sell Yourself
    If you can sell yourself, you can sell anything.

3) Build Your Brand
    Utilize social networking – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. to help build trust.

4) Update Your Website/ Start a Blog
    Make it easy to navigate, interesting, with a variety of content.
The blog component makes your site more interactive.

5) Customer Commitment/ Relationships
     It takes 5 times the effort to acquire new clients then to repeat a sale to an existing customer. It’s vital to make sure you respond to a client’s needs/wants.

6) Marketing
    It’s important to think of your product as an extension of yourself. (Facebook, Twitter, Your Tube, Blog, Flickr, Business Cards).
Making a newsletter helps to build credibility, brand, and professionalism. (icontact.com)(constantcontact.com)

I hope you found these tips helpful (which can be found in the 2012 edition of Photographer’s Market) in expanding your business and growing your brand.

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– CJC Photography

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