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Snagged by Hook by Verlene Landon

Snagged by Hook by Verlene Landon, Verlene Landon Author

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Her brilliance illuminates the darkest corners of his soul.

Hook’s favorite type of recovery is a low-risk repo. Slide in, hook it up, slide out, get paid. When he rolls up on the beat-up grocery grabber on his docket, he’s surprised by the woman who begs him not to take it. It’s the same beauty who shot him down so soundly last night. Before he can stop himself, Hook makes an uncharacteristic decision that may fulfill a long-abandoned dream. If he can convince her to give him a shot in the light of day.

Nova’s ex is a loser with a capital L. The cheater left her with a mountain of debt and a negative balance in the bank account. Her new job comes too late to keep the lights on and her POS in the driveway. She refuses to be at the mercy of a man ever again, but what other choice does she have? For her daughter’s sake, she’ll accept Hook’s offer, but that’s it. She will not let him into her bed, and most certainly not her heart.

Something about Nova feels different from the moment he lays eyes on her, but he’s thoroughly hooked when her daughter picks him a dandelion to make a wish on. He’ll find the man who landed them in their current situation, and heaven help the dirtbag when he does because hell is coming for him.

When you finally let the light in, old shadows have nowhere left to hide.

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