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King by Amy Olle

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Their families are enemies. A marriage between them would be crazy. Impossible. It’s also the only solution to both their problems.

Emerson never would’ve shown up on the enemy’s doorstep to propose a marriage of convenience if she weren’t desperate. Alone and hunted by a cruel criminal who would force her to become his wife, her only hope is the man she’s been secretly infatuated with for the past year: Rory Nolan.

Wounded bad boy Rory wants nothing to do with Emerson and her insane proposal—no matter how much her lush body might tempt him—until she makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

Six weeks. No emotions. Then he walks away with her families’ fortune and a clear conscience.

But when she asks him to relieve her of her V-card and teach her how to please a man in bed, one scorching-hot kiss changes everything between them.

As the day nears when their fake marriage will end, Emerson realizes her silly crush has turned into something more. The problem is her husband still hates her. How can two enemies with so many scars from the past forge a future together?

KING is a full-length novel about a bad boy who wears his hatred on his sleeve and the innocent mafia princess who tempts him to let go of the past. It is the third book in the steamy contemporary romance series, The Nolan Bastards, by USA Today Bestselling author Amy Olle. Scroll up to one-click this steamy adult romance today!

Meet the entire Nolan clan in these series by USA Today bestselling author, Amy Olle:

The Nolan Bastards

  • Book 1: Her Wicked Stepbrother (Aiden and Brynn ~ part 1)
  • Book 2: Saint (Aiden and Brynn ~ part 2)
  • Book 3: Warrior (Cian and Avery)
  • Book 4: King (Rory and Emerson)

The Nolan Brothers

  • Book 1: Beautiful Ruin (Noah and Mina)
  • Book 2: Sweetest Mistake (Luke and Emily)
  • Book 3: Dirty Play (Jack and Haven)
  • Book 4: Mad Love (Leo and Prue)
  • Book 5: Last Heartbreak (Shea and Isobel)
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