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Designated Hitter by Holley Trent

Designated Hitter by Holley Trent, romance novel, CJC Photography, book cover photographer

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Desperate for a right-hand man to oversee a home renovation project, heiress Marina Cassavetes engages the services of Manservants Unlimited—a staffing company that matches women with men willing to do their bidding. When the blue-eyed brawler known as Quinn Hathaway arrives on her doorstep, her instinct is to send him away. He was fired from her father’s baseball team for being a troublemaker, and as only has two weeks to flip her house, she doesn’t have time for problems.

As it turns out, the former Reedsville Rooster has no fear of hard work at the job…or in the bedroom. He isn’t at all who he’d led her to believe, and she likes the real Quinn. But, Marina can’t be both his lover and his boss.

Unfortunately, keeping the lines from blurring in their relationship might prompt the end of their productive partnership altogether. Quinn wants to be an equal partner in Marina’s life, and not a player she can buy as easily as her properties.

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