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Hot Head by Mika Nix (Author Interview)

Hot Head by Mika Nix, Mika Nix Author

CJC: Where did the name Mika Nix come from?

KM: Mika was kind of a mash-up of Mia-Kyleen, and Nix was originally going to be Nicks, inspired by Stevie Nicks, but we decided that Nix felt a bit more paranormal-y lol.

MM: We wanted something that combined our first names so we took parts of each and created Mika. Nix is inspired by witchy woman Stevie Nicks, with a spelling changed to make it feel more paranormal-y.

CJC: What has co-writing been like? The process? Do you each write as different characters?

KM: Cowriting with Mia is SUCH a blast. We usually start with a “brain dump” session where we excitedly throw out all of our ideas, and then I organize that into a loose outline. We alternate chapters, which typically include both POVs in each, so we both write both characters.

MM: Co-writing with KM is amazing. Sometimes I swear we share a brain. We have very similar work habits and writing styles so it’s easy to work together. Because of those aspects, we both write all characters, alternating chapters rather than characters (which works great with MMM, See: Mountain Topped). It also helps me raise my game to match KM’s skillful wordsmithing to ensure a seamless experience for readers. I don’t think I could find a more compatible co-writer.

CJC: Without giving too much away, did you have a favorite scene to write in Hot Head and why?

KM: The first time Lake and Nico kiss. The pay off after all of the buildup was just so much fun.

MM: I personally love every scene Lake is in haha, but I would say my favorite has to be his reaction to finding out Nico is a dragon. He sees the shift and I think his reaction is very “Lake”.

CJC: If you could only describe Hot Head in one word or phrase, what would it be?

KM: HOT! Lol

MM: Hot feels a little too on the nose lol, so I guess I’ll say wildly entertaining (I know that’s two words haha)

CJC: What can readers expect next in the Drake Security series?

KM: We’re aiming to get Tino’s book out by the summer if all goes well.

MM: We’re about to tackle Valentino, the resistant to love brother who’s a bit of a himbo too. Those types of characters are always fun to watch them fall hard.

CJC: Order your copy of “Hot Head” here!

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