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Rule The Roost by Rain Carrington

Rule the Roost by Rain Carrington

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Kanan Pavra had his heart broken and needed a new place to heal. Coming to stay with people recommended by friends from Denver, he thought he’d stay in the small mountain town a while, then move along.
Working at a diner, he meets Kenrick Belish, the town’s mayor. Rick came to the diner with his small child, and was fascinated with the new guy in his town.
After offering Kanan a job to help his other son, who’d recently graduated high school, to get ready for the big bad world, Rick began spending time with Kanan, and the more time he spent, the more he realized he was falling for him.
That was news to him, being he’d thought himself straight all his nearly fifty years.
With Kanan’s new friends helping, they discover their mutual attraction, their love of the lifestyle and how much Kanan wanted to help be a parent to the two children.
Come back to Cowpokes and find a new love that is as unexpected as it is special.

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