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Knight’s Temptation by Shelley Justice

Knights Temptation by Shelley Justice, Shelley Justice romance author, Jered Youngblood model

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She’s dedicated her life to helping others. Now she’s the one who needs help. Growing up as a foster child, Payton Underhill found a purpose as a social worker aiding women and children. After failing to be there for her best friend when she was needed most, she pours her heart and soul into her work, even if it means bending the rules to be there for her clients. But she finds herself in over her head when her client’s trouble spills into her life. With a dangerous threat looming, being on her own is no longer a strength, but a liability. He wants to put the past behind him. But with family, the past is never far away. Jay Colter is ready to move on with his life. He caught the man who drove his sister to suicide, so now the past can be laid to rest. But he can’t say no when his mom calls for a favor, even if that favor involves the woman who ghosted his family when things got tough. His plan is to go in, solve her problem and get out without looking back. When it comes to love and danger, nothing is ever easy. Payton has been half in love with Jay for years, but she never expected him to show up on her doorstep like her wildest fantasy come true. He’s not going anywhere until the threat on her life is gone. And now it’s not only her life at risk, but her heart as well.

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