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Eclipse Sector by Lexi C. Foss

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I loved an Alpha once.
An unattainable Elite.
A former V-Clan Prince.

I thought we had a connection.
A unique bond founded in our shared values and aspirations.
Then he broke my heart with a few choice words.

He doesn’t want me? Fine. I’ll find an Alpha who does.
Which is how I end up on the stage being introduced as Candidate Thirteen of the Eligible Omega Mate program.

Except, there’s just one tiny problem—the Alpha who broke my heart is in charge of supervising the mating activities. Which means he’s privy to every interview. Every date. Every kiss.

How am I supposed to find an appropriate mate when he’s watching me with those smoldering irises?
Purring possessive comments in my ear…
Growling at every male who looks my way…
Prowling around my nest…

It doesn’t help that someone is attacking the Omegas in the program.
Now my Alpha is even more territorial, his feral nature that much more potent.
Because he’s refusing to leave my side.
And he’s promised to do whatever it takes to protect me.
Even if it means claiming me for himself.

Author’s Note: This is a standalone dark shifter romance with Omegaverse vibes—A, B, O dynamics with kn*tting, nesting, and biting. Check the trigger warnings in the introduction for more details.

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