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Monroe by Taylor Rylan

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Can a humbled fae and a rescued omega wolf find happiness together?

Monroe Rivertown was publicly humbled in front of most of his village when his younger brother, Montgomery, was chosen by the fates to join his mate before he was. He spent well over a year self-reflecting and trying to become a better person. Not only for him but for his future mate as well. When tragedy strikes his family, he steps in and takes over, giving up all thoughts of ever getting a mate of his own.

Oscar Davis was thankful to have been rescued, but he knew he had to return to the one place he never wanted to see again so he could protect his younger siblings from the same fate as him. He finds himself suddenly responsible for two teenagers, and what should have been a happy time for the reunited siblings is filled with drama and frustration.

Monroe and Oscar are both more than willing to accept the other’s claim. But can they figure out how to make time for their newly formed bond while still meeting the needs of their siblings?

Monroe is the second book in the Destined Paranormals series. It is a 40,000-word novella that focuses on fated mates and how they figure out those first few weeks together. This is in an mpreg world, and there will be a baby or possibly two, but this story does not focus on or cover the pregnancy.

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