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Sweet Dreams by Kellie Storm

Sweat Dreams by Kellie Storm

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He’s hot. Famous. Emotionally Unavailable.
He’s one of the world’s most famous musicians.
To me, he was my heartless best friend who left me alone in the middle of the night, never to be heard from again.
His life of one-night stands, parties, and a bed filled with groupies comes to a halt when he almost ruined his career.
Now we’re forced to live together. Jace Nixon, his band, and me, their lyricist.
Ten years later, he’s in a relationship and I’m married.
He’s stubborn, persistent, a rule breaker, and my kryptonite, until he isn’t.
Living together comes with its own rules, except I know how to break them. Especially his.


It’s her.
The one person I needed the most when my world fell apart.
She was given the chance to kick me out of her life when we were 16 and she took it.
It’s supposed to be a temporary job. The band and the lyricist.
A quick contract, a hit album, and we can go our separate ways again.
She comes with a strict set of rules and a husband.
Luckily, I’ve always been a rebel.
Now that I want something I can’t have, I’ll work twice as hard to get it.
Her scent is everywhere. In my car. In my house. In my room.
She took something that belonged to me, but I stole something of hers, too.
With one taste of her, I’ve fallen hard, and she isn’t having it.

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