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Rescued Hearts by Angela Nicole

Rescued Hearts by Angela Nicole, Angela Nicole romance author, BT Urruela model

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When a day on the pier turns to catastrophe, a love is born strong enough to withstand the test of time.

As kids, when Mac rescued Emily from drowning, he stole her heart at first glance. Out of respect for Jackson, her brother and Mac’s best friend, the two kept their mutual crush concealed. For years they convinced themselves they were just friends, despite the deep yearnings of their hearts. But when tragedy strikes, Emily and Mac turn to each other in a moment of grief.

That one night… changes everything.

Battling against the time and distance between them, the love between them is flourishing when Mac suffers a horrible accident. To spare her the burden he fears he has become, Mac tries to push Emily away. Can she rescue him from drowning in seas of self-doubt? Or will their happily ever after be crushed under the waves of tragedy?

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