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Sizzle by Kimberly Kincaid

Sizzle by Kimberly Kincaid

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Sam Faurier is in deep trouble.

Which normally wouldn’t be a problem for an elite firefighter with razor-sharp instincts and cocky bravado to spare. Except this time, his impulsive decision on a call got fellow firefighter, Lucy de Costa, into hot water, too.

Did he mention that he’s had an unrequited crush on her for years? Or that she’s the battalion chief’s by-the-book daughter?

Or that the call that got them both benched was actually arson, only Sam can’t prove it without help?

Lucy de Costa doesn’t break the rules, and she sure as hell doesn’t catch feelings for other firefighters. She’s worked way too hard to make her way up the ranks for that, no matter how sexy Sam Faurier’s smile is—or how hot his determination.

He’s convinced there’s an arsonist on the loose. Trouble is, she’s the only one who believes him. And she’s going to have to throw protocol and caution out the window in order to help him prove it.

Even if she finds herself unable to resist him—and how much he wants her—in the process.

But the more they uncover, the deeper the danger becomes. To catch the arsonist, Sam and Lucy will have to rely on their wits, their training, and each other.

Before it’s too late.

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