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Twisted Obsession by Dani Rene

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USA Today bestselling author, Dani René, brings a brand new steamy arranged marriage, mafia romance that crosses the line between obsession and love.

It’s a sickness she brought upon me.
And I’m about to make her pay.

I shouldn’t bring her into my world. But it was my father’s wish, it was the ultimate revenge on our enemies.
A poised, pristine princess, too pure for this life. And me, I’m the dark prince forced to be a King too soon.

She dances gracefully, capturing my attention, before fighting me like a savage tigress.
She’s fire, burning through my darkness, and I’m the ice that will bring her to her knees.
Right where I like her.

I will make her bow.
I will make her submit.
And when I do, she’ll be my Queen.

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