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Bro Split by K.M. Neuhold

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Getting caught in the middle of two hyper-competitive, muscle-bound gym bros isn’t supposed to be this fun, is it?

I’m a list person. Lists make sense, they give a chaotic, unpredictable world order. Realizing I was gay at thirty definitely wasn’t on my list.

I guess I need a new list…

New apartment: check

New gym bod: let’s call that work in progress…

Dive into the gay dating pool: DOUBLE check

I didn’t plan to move in smack dab between two rival beef-cakes, but I’m not complaining.

I can’t tell if wooing me is just another challenge they’re trying to win or if fighting over me is their way of dancing around the obvious tension between them. But, the more I get to know them both, the more I’m hoping this whole thing might be real.

I don’t think I have the list for this…

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