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Dating Diablo by Lynn Garcia-Carmer

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USA Today bestselling author, Lynn Garcia Carmer, crafts a sexy-romp about an exclusive dating agency specializing in one-night stands, a bossy billionaire, and the girl who never thought her secret crush would be a client.

My brother’s best friend is a… billionaire?

Of course he is.

Why am I surprised? Even as kids Dante Rojas was driven, determined, and downright delectable. Not that I’d ever let him know that. I was the chubby, annoying little sister while he smashed his way through the school.

My mom called him a dating diablo. I just called him a disaster.

To his face. As frequently as possible.

Years later, I work for an exclusive dating agency called The Billionaire Experience. A one-and-done adventure for entitled billionaires who want a no-strings-attached, hook up–a totally unique dating endeavor that can take place anywhere in the world.

I never thought Dante’s success would qualify him for the program. And when I see him stride through my company’s front door, I have to remind myself:

Don’t fall for his moody good looks. (Tranquila, chica.)

He’s allergic to relationships. He’ll never fall in love. But I love love, and I’ll do everything in my power to make sure, The Billionaire Experience is a success. I can’t allow my childhood crush to distract me. Except…

My boss never shows to help me do a run-through of a sample date. A spicy, one-night-stand involving a privately screened movie, dinner, and an adult-themed hotel room full of wiggling and jiggling delights.
Guess which sneaky billionaire shows up in her place?

Shared World: The Billionaire Experience, a 14 book series with all of your favorite authors, is a super-exclusive matchmaking agency for billionaires who are looking for a steamy date. The experience can be one night or longer—but no names or personal information is shared so there’s never a second hook up.
Unless, of course, someone catches feelings—then all bets are off.
Two books will be released every week, so you don’t have to wait long for every kind of sneaky, greedy, or sweet billionaire you can imagine. Here’s what you can expect: bosshole billionaire, grumpy sunshine romance, cinnamon roll hero, fake dating/fake fiancé, instalove, secret baby, one-night-stand to forever, secret identity, enemies-to-lovers and more…

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