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Sweetest Mistake by Amy Olle

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Opposites don’t always attract. Sometimes, they collide.

When Emily’s suitcase explodes on a crowded airport baggage claim in her new hometown, sexy cop Luke is on the scene to help pick up her most intimate items, including her 7.5-inch, 20-speed, hot pink battery-operated-boyfriend!

The gorgeous, silver-tongued charmer is exactly the kind of guy Emily has avoided all her life. But this particular hunk of man-candy isn’t content to let her hide in the shadows where she longs to remain. In fact, he’s hellbent on drawing her out into the spotlight.

Luke has one job—to keep the quiet, sleepy island town quiet and sleepy. No drama. No surprises. No tragedies. Never again. But from the moment he meets the strawberry-blonde with the interesting luggage, she upends his calm life.

The shy stutterer isn’t his type—she’s the opposite of his type—but he can’t resist her, and what began as a distraction from his memories of That Day, soon escalates into a scorching hot hook-up.

A hook-up that changes everything.

And now he’s wondering how one little mistake could be so sweet…

SWEETEST MISTAKE is a full-length, standalone novel by USA Today bestselling author Amy Olle. Fans of sexy, addictive romances will love this second installment in the steamy contemporary romance series about the five Irish-born, fiercely loyal, beautifully flawed Nolan brothers. Books in the series may be read in any order.

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Books in The Nolan Brothers series may be read in any order and include:

  • Book 1: Beautiful Ruin (Noah and Mina)
  • Book 2: Sweetest Mistake (Luke and Emily)
  • Book 3: Dirty Play (Jack and Haven)
  • Book 4: Mad Love (Leo and Prue)
  • Book 5: Last Heartbreak (Shea and Isobel)
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