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Author Spotlight: K.M. Neuhold

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CJC: How did you get started as an author and what made you want to pursue that field?

KK: I’ve always been a writer. I was writing as soon as I figured out that stringing words together made a story. As a teenager, when people would ask what I wanted to do as a career, I always said I wanted to be an author, but people told me that was a hobby not a job. Some years went by and I kept writing, but also worked jobs to make ends meet. I went to college and when I graduated with my degree, I STILL didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a career other than writing, so I figured I could at least give it a shot. I published my first book and never looked back!

CJC: What do you find to be the most rewarding and challenging part of being an author and what hurdles have you overcome while striving towards your goals?

KM: The most rewarding part of being an author is hearing from readers that my words have touched them in some way like making a difficult time in their life more bearable or simply brightening their day. One reader told me that one of my books helped them realize they are transgender, and that was a humbling moment for me to realize I could have that major of an impact on someone’s life. The most challenging part of being an author is that writing stories is a job now and even on the days when I’m not feeling particularly creative, I still have to put my butt in my computer chair and make the words happen, which isn’t always easy.

CJC: Which novel has been your favorite to write and why?

KM: My favorite book I’ve written hasn’t been released yet, it’s actually scheduled to come out on August 2nd of this year (With Gus Caleb Smyrnios on the VERY pretty cover I have for it 😉 ) . It’s called Operation Meet Cute and it is a really fun, sweet, sexy story that I’m extremely proud of. It was my favorite to write because the characters are so fun and unique, they’ve stuck with me long after finishing the story.

CJC: For first time readers of your work, which book would you recommend?

KM: For a first-time reader I would recommend Caulky (Four Bears Construction, 1). It’s such a hilarious and steamy series, it’s a guaranteed few hours of excellent entertainment.

CJC: If one of your books were made into a movie, which would you select and who would you like to star in it?

KM: This question is so impossible for me. Anytime someone asks it, I immediately forget every actor who has ever existed LMAO.

CJC: For those looking to become an author, what advice would you give them?

KM: My advice for aspiring authors is 1. read a TON. And specifically read a ton in the genre you want to write in. 2. write, write, write, and then write some more. The more you write, the better you get at it. 3. don’t get discouraged. You’re not J.K. Rowling, your first book won’t make you a billionaire, accept that and write the next one, and then the next one, and another fifty or so after that.

CJC: If you could co-write a book with any author, who would it be and why?

KM: It’s possible Mia Monroe and I have had some conversations about co-writing. I think the best co-writes are between close friends who really click, the writing process is fun and when that happens, the book is always good.

CJC: Favorite motto? 

KM: A very popular MF romance author said at a conference I went to “I’m not fucking Hemingway” and that really stuck with me, and it’s been a great reminder for me to not take myself too seriously, to just have fun with my writing.

CJC: What do you do to overcome writer’s block?

KM: Going for a walk is usually the best cure for me to get ideas flowing again when they are stuck.

CJC: In one word, how would you describe your writing style?

KM: Mushy. I love to write gooey, sweet romance stories.

CJC: Which do you find harder to do… writing the blurb for your story or selecting the cover?

KM: I’m weird, I actually like writing blurbs, and picking cover images is TOO easy to do, I end up spending way too much money buying all the pretty men lol. The hardest thing for me is actually getting myself to finish a story. I never want them to end.

CJC: Which author inspires you the most and why?

KM: I think I’m a little inspired by every author I read. I’m not sure I can point to just one.

CJC: What is your writing process like?

KM: A messy plan. I have a system that looks like chaos from the outside but works for me. I usually have a doc where I brain dump every single thing about a story that I know ahead of time and then I just start writing. Sometimes I write out of order or skip parts and leave a note to go back, and little by little a story starts to come together. It feels like magic every single time.

CJC: What new projects are you currently working on and what are your goals for the remainder of the year?

KM: I’m currently working on the next Four Bears Construction book (Stripped). It’s a sweet, steamy love story between a transgender construction worker and a semi-nerdy professor with a pet tortoise and a love of knitting. It will be released July 2nd and I can’t wait to share it! For the rest of the year I plan to wrap up my Four Bears series with one more book after Stripped, as well as put out a MMM Daddy kink book and Operation Meet Cute. Lots of fun to come!

CJC: Thank you so much K.M. for taking the time to answer my questions. “Brave Boy” is now available here!

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