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Love & Redemption by J.A. Owenby

Love & Redemption by J.A. Owenby, J.A. Owenby romance author, Quinn Biddle model

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My demons always follow me …
Despite having to testify against my father,
the rest of my life seems to finally be getting on track.
I get to perform with Hendrix,
my friends support me,
I once again have love and am finding happiness.
But every time I think I can claw my way out of the darkness,
it sucks me back down.
A storm rips through town, killing hundreds, injuring more.
Including Hendrix.
He lingers in a coma for weeks before finally waking up.
When he does, nothing is the same.
When my father gets off on a technicality,
he comes after me in retaliation.
I can’t leave my past behind
no matter how far I try to run.
Nowhere is safe.
I’m a target at home and a target at school.
Will there ever be a time when I can just be safe and happy?
Or am I not allowed to have a happily ever after?

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