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Just Joe by Jen Luerssen

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Hey there, beautiful! I’m Joe, just Joe, not like that asshole with a heart of gold, F*cking Frank.

Sorry I kept my abs under wraps but they would have distracted you from my handsome face, and that would have been a travesty. I am the full package—handsome, built, funny, charming. You could say I’m a little full of myself, but I’m just honest. We are always told to build our self confidence and believe in ourselves. Then you agree when someone compliments you and you’re some kind of monster.

Wait until you meet Betsy, she’s amazing and I’m sure you’ll love her. She’s a stripper, oh shit, I mean she’s a burlesque dancer. Please don’t tell her I messed that up. She hates when I call her a stripper. She’s also a f*cking genius computer whiz.

Betsy hired me and my construction company to renovate her house. I’m a musician but I also really like making people’s homes up to date, plus it pays a shit ton.

Bets and I friend-zone each other but I secretly have the hots for her. My brother, Jack thinks I’m crazy for just being friends, but he’s only 18 and was raised by me, so he clearly knows nothing.

I do know that if you love books by Max Monroe you will adore my story.

I think you should get this book and see what happens, or at least get it for the perfection that is the cover, ya know, me.

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