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Inside Track by Tracie Delaney

Inside Track by Tracie Delaney, Tracie Delaney romance author, Lauren Summer model, Assad Shalhoub model

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Devon Gray – An enigma. Intense, brooding, mysterious. And the subject of my next biography.
There’s just one small problem—he’s refusing to participate.

I’ll wear him down eventually.

Everyone has secrets, and I’m going to expose his. All I need is to find his achilles heel. When I do, he’ll be in my book.

And my bed.

Reilley Bennett – Writer. Force of nature. Pain in my ass.
Four years ago I made a terrible mistake, one I’ve paid for ever since.

My greatest fear? People finding out.
Which is why I’ll never agree to her demands.

Or so I thought—until a turn of events makes it impossible to say no. I’ll need to be on my guard. She’s used to being in control, but so am I. There will only be one winner in this battle of wills.


Inside Track is the third book in the Full Velocity series. Each novel can be read as a standalone

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