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Reese by Annabella Stone

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There is never going to be enough whiskey to kill the burning desire for peace in his soul.

Reese *Peanut* Wagner has spent most of his life fighting for Red Squadron and his adopted country. However, as the child of an illicit relationship between a Russian defector and an US Military Operator, he always felt he never quite deserved to be a member of the elite JSOC Task Force. As tensions rise across Eastern Europe, all intelligence point to his mother yet again changing sides. He must figure out what’s going on and he better do it fast. Compromising his chosen family is not an option, and betraying his country is never going to happen.

Johnny *Whiskey* Walker learned the hard way to trust only himself. Operators and their teams only consider the flag, their country, and following orders. The last time he followed orders he got burned by the CIA and now he’s running for his life from the agents sent to take him out. Rescue comes when he least expects it, from a knight in shining Kevlar disguised as a six-foot-six wall of muscles with a stubborn streak a mile wide and the sexiest freaking backside he’s ever had the pleasure to walk behind. But how can he trust someone who fights on the side which wishes him dead? Stupid is never going to be him his wheelhouse.

Sometimes jumping off a cliff requires trusting the one person you know you shouldn’t. Can these two war weary warriors find it within themselves to trust that when the battle stops, love really will conquer all?

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