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Author Spotlight: E. Kay Sims and Kiera Jayne

Operation: Stripped and Stranded by E Kay Sims and Kiera Jayne, E Kay Sims author, Kiera Jayne author, Gideon Connely model, CJC Photography, Florida photographer, book cover photographer, romance book cover photographer1) What made you decide to want to co-author a project together? 

EKS: We had been invited to do a project with an anthology and were told it would all be donated to charity. But once a few more authors came on board, they decided only a portion would be donated. Anyway, the whole thing was going in a direction that Kiera and I didn’t want to go in so we pulled out of the project with the stipulation that we keep our characters we had already created. Kiera asked me if I wanted to write the story together with our existing characters and I jumped at the chance.

KJ: Kay and I met in another author’s reader group and immediately hit it off. We formed a fast and strong friendship and when that anthology opportunity began to turn, I admit I was quite mad about it and was adamant that we could do our own thing without having to answer to a collective of people. It really turned out to be the best thing for us. We’ve become the best of friends and I feel like this book is fantastic.

2) Have you ever written a book with another author before?

EKS: No.

KJ: No, I am a new author.

3) What was the writing process like?

EKS: It was a blast. Kiera knows me so well and we think alike about many things. Sometimes we even finish each other’s sentences. We had so much fun figuring out what direction we wanted the characters to go in. I’m not sure I would write as well with another co-author. Kiera and I have such chemistry together. We really bonded and cemented our friendship throughout the writing process. I’ve never laughed so hard with anyone other than my own sisters.

KJ: I had always wanted to co-write with someone (even before I was published) and I think Kay is just the right person for me to do so with, just because she doesn’t have a huge ego. We had so many laughs while writing and a few times we really had to dig ourselves out of corners we’d written ourselves into, which was fun.

4)  What made you select Gideon and Mike as the cover models?

EKS: We love them both and they fit the characters we had already written.  

KJ: I think Gideon is a decent bloke and with Mike, I saw your samples of your shoot with him and really liked the results.

5) How did you go about selecting which charity proceeds of this book would go to?

EKS: We knew right up front we wanted to donate to VETSports which was founded by BT Urruela. Kiera and I met in BT’s group. We hit it off and became best friends. I’m a veteran and wanted to donate to a veteran charity. Since, BT’s group brought us together, we wanted to sort of, as a thank you to BT, give back by donating to his charity.

KJ: I became aware of VETSports when I first began following BT and joined in on the #222crew 22 for 222 Push-up challenge. I thought it was an excellent charity and I’ve wanted to do something for them for a while. But I also wish to donate 50% to an Australian charity, hopefully one that helps people who suffer from depression and other forms of mental illness. My first choice fell through, so I’m waiting to hear back from others. Watch this space!

6) Do you plan on writing more books together?

EKS: Yes! We already have one in the works. I was sad when we finished writing our story. I was so happy when she suggested we do another project. I don’t think I can go a whole day without talking to Kiera.

KJ: Absolutely. I was a little sad when we finished writing Operation: Stripped & Stranded, because I wouldn’t be working with Kay every day, so I began shooting ideas about a new story to her and we hope to do more brainstorming on it in Seattle. I’m already so excited about it!

Operation: Stripped & Stranded is now available here! 

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