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Author Spotlight: Lisa B. Kamps

The York Bombers series by Lisa B. Kamps, Lisa B. Kamps author

1) If you had to describe the York Bombers series in 5 words or less, what would it be?
5 words…can they be hastags, LOL????
#singledad #twilightofhiscareer #learningtoliveagain #girlnextdoor #sexyreads

2) For those who have read the other books in this series, what can they expect to find in the latest installment?
For those who have read the others in this series…everyone has met Aaron Malone–he’s the oldest guy on the team, the one everyone else turns to for advice and words of wisdom. He’s been the quiet, steady one throughout the series, but always with a lingering sadness about him. In Playing It Safe, Aaron is reunited with his two daughters after a tragic accident makes him sole caretaker of the two girls–and while he’s always wished he could have played a bigger role in their lives over the last few years, he quickly realizes that the reality of being a single dad in the twilight of a demanding career is a lot more than he ever bargained for. Now he’s the one in need of help and advice from his teammates…and from his sexy next door neighbor. Can this single dad learn how to trust again, instead of playing it safe?

3) What made you select Gideon Connelly as your cover model for Playing It Safe?
I first learned of Gideon because of Chris, and I am so thankful I did! He has such a magnificent presence on camera, and he really captured the essence of Aaron as I see him–especially in the photo I chose for the cover. It’s a powerful, emotional pose that really conveys where Aaron is in life right now. It was a huge bonus to later learn that Gideon is originally from an area not too far from me…which, okay, yeah, has absolutely nothing to do with anything. But it’s still cool :).

4) Will more books be added to the series or will this be the last?
There are at least two more books planned for the Bombers series: Playing For Love, which will be Travis Bankard’s story; and Playing His Part (tentative title), which is Ben Leach’s story. I have tentative plans for more after that, but I’m still playing with which characters to write about 🙂

5) What made you pick hockey as your sport theme and would you write any other sports series in the future?
Why hockey? Because it’s hockey!!! If you like the game, you totally understand why: the speed, the endurance, the fast play, the intricacies of the game…just to name a few reasons why. And yes, I love the players. I’ve met more than a few, and they are all so genuinely nice and down-to-earth. I’m not taking anything away from other sports/athletes, but in my own personal experience, hockey players are a totally different breed. As for writing other sports…I’ll never say “never”, but it’s highly doubtful. I’m not a huge fan of other sports, and I don’t have the passion for them that I do for hockey. I think that might show in the writing, which would be a huge disservice to the readers. But again…never say never :)!

Now available…

Playing The Game

Playing To Win

Playing For Keeps

Playing It Up

Just Released – Playing It Safe

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On Monday, February 19th 2018 at 10:10 am, Marybeth Berrio said:

I was lucky to read an ARC of this book from Lisa and I think Gideon is just the perfect Aaron!
This is actually a series where I have felt that the covers couldn’t have been more perfect representations of the character. There is nothing worse than a cover that clearly is not that.
So great job!! Keep it up!!!

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