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Facade by D.H Sidebottom & Ker Dukey

CJC Photography, Boston, Facade, D.H Sidebottom, Ker Dukey, Book cover photographer

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You meet someone. You date. You fall in love. You marry.
The four simple rules of love, right?
I’m getting married but I’d never met him before now. Never dated him. Never fell in love. And I don’t want to marry him.

Dante is a controlling, arrogant, callous and violent, and utterly hell bent on humiliating and degrading me – Like watching me falter, watching me struggle to comply and be the woman he remembers me to be, powers him. He wants to break me piece by piece. Fibre by fibre. Until all that’s here is the shell he created from a soul that I once owned.

I have no access to the memories of the most magical time of anyone’s life. Instead I’ve woke in a nightmare, no memory of how I came to be here.

When my memories taunt me it’s with a man who wears Dante’s face but not his actions.

I am, Star, and just like with some stars in the sky, the light you see is an echo, a façade, I am already gone
I am a no one.
Especially to him. To him I am the dark in his desires, the corrupt in his depravity.
The sin in his immorality.

And he wants to keep me.

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