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Crossed Fates by Lexi C. Foss and Elle Christensen

Crossed Fates by Lexi C. Foss and Elle Christensen, Lexi C. Foss author, Elle Christensen author

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A Standalone Shifter Romance with a Happily Ever After Ending

Welcome to the Kingdom of Wolves.
Careful. These alphas bite.

Here’s the thing about alphas—we don’t submit. It’s how I ended up as a lone wolf without a pack. I refused to challenge my older brother for the alpha throne, and now I slay monsters for a living.

So the hot little redhead I just saved on my latest mission? Yeah, I have no problem taming her. Except my wolf thinks she’s my fated mate.

No, thanks. I’m good.
Only, fate has other plans for us both.

My older brother’s just been poisoned, so I’m headed back to a family I no longer know. And the gorgeous female my wolf wants to claim is in the driver’s seat beside me. Why? Because she f*cking stabbed me.

Fated mates? Yeah, more like fated hate.

One day, you’re hunting a jackhole hybrid with a penchant for abducting women. And the next, you’re staring into the eyes of your future mate.

At least that’s what this alpha wolf seems to think.

He’s tempting, sure. But I’m not interested in anything long-term.

Sometimes, love can be worth the risk.
And sometimes, it’ll kill you.
Let the mating games begin.

Authors’ Note: Crossed Fates is a standalone shifter romance with dark undertones. Alaric is all possessive alpha wolf, and Makayla is all fiery stubborn female. Together, they’re explosive and passionate. There will be heat. There will be death. There will be biting. Enjoy.

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