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Photographer Spotlight: Golden Czermak

Golden CzermakPhotographer Spotlight: Golden Czermak

Golden Czermak, is the owner of FuriousFotog… a photography company started in August 2012 in North Alabama.  He is 34 years old, half Polish and half Korean. Having been raised an “army brat” he has lived around the world — from the United States, Korea, Germany and the United Kingdom.

1) How and why did you become interested in photography?

I started photography about 5 years ago, primarily as a means to shoot my own stock images for graphic design, which I have been doing for about 15 years. I found plenty of stock websites but rarely would find an image that fit my needs exactly. From there, friends and family had needs for various photography services which I helped them with… from portraits to a few friend’s weddings. I was hooked! I began fitness photography with a male and female athlete in late 2011… was impressed by both the lifestyle and the hard work those people put into their physiques, enough to focus on that genre.

2) What advice do you have for those looking to grow their photography business?

Take your time in the setup phase. There are a lot of elements to starting an official business that need to be considered. Additionally, try to focus on being good at a few genres instead of mastering them all… since each presents its own unique range of camera settings, composition, and editing techniques.

3) Favorite photo shoot to date and why?

My recent trip to Miami and Orlando for the “FuriousFlorida” sessions. Not only was it a major accomplishment to line up 11 models to shoot(from new to established), the trip was fun and the networking invaluable! Plus, it gave me the opportunity to produce some of my best work to date!

4) If you could photograph any model or celebrity who would it be and why?

Marco Dapper or Bradley Cooper…. Why? Have you seen them? LOL.

5) Biggest accomplishment to date?Golden Czermak

Achieving several goals relatively quickly – magazine publications, online publications, work featured on (local) television and multiple book covers featuring my photography.

6) Who influences you in the industry and why?

I have been inspired by several photographers whom I have formed close relationships with – from Eric Battershell, Rob Kristian, Jorge Friere and Abel Cruz. I have also formed connections to some of my original photography “idols” – Pat Lee, Allan Spiers and Luis Rafael. It’s great to have connections in the industry that you can discuss things with… plus seeing all the great work they all put out helps to inspire me more!

7) What piece of equipment can you not live without?

My Nikon D800. What a gem!

8) If money were no object and you could fly anywhere to shoot where would it be and why?

I would do a tour of Europe and New Zealand. I also have a panache for landscape photography so having the opportunity to capture some of the most beautiful people on the planet in the most gorgeous places on earth would be an incredible opportunity.

10) Goals for 2013?

Continue to grow FuriousFotog to a point where I can pursue it full time in 2014.

11) Any final words you would like to share with the CJC Photography readers?
Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my work with your readers! Here’s to plenty more in the days, months and years to come! 🙂

I wish Golden continued success in the future and I’m excited to see all of his upcoming work.

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